Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I heard Lu is looking for ideas to avoid waste and recycle or use up leftover things in the fridge so I thought about Lassi, an Indian drink made with yogurt. Pretty much like a smoothie, it is a mix of yogurt with fruit or spices, very easy to make. Those who would rather have the salty variations use cummin and cilantro to flavor it. The consistency of the drink itself depends on a personal taste. One might add milk, water or even ice to it.

While my Brazilian family would never mix mangoes with any dairy products because it is believed to be unhealthy, in India, Mango Lassi is among the most popular drinks. One of those cultural things... I guess.

When fresh mangoes aren't available, I use either the frozen ones or the canned pulp, as a last resort if I have absolutely no other option.

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