Thursday, March 22, 2007


Sometimes I avoid passing by a street in my neighborhood because the Indian ice-cream parlor there is too much temptation. Falooda, (faluda faloodeh ou faludeh) is an interesting concoction made of ice cream, milk, Rooh_Afza syrup, thin noodles, known as cellophane noodles, and basil seeds, which become gelatinous after being soaked in water and have many medicinal properties, according to ayurvedic medicine. This exotic "sunday", very popular in India and Pakistan, has Persian origin. My version is light and low fat but Shaheen's and Ashwini's recipes are more traditional.

Falooda/ Falooda

Rose syrup, Rooh Afza
Nonfat milk
Nonfat or lowfat vanilla ice cream
Falooda or Celofane noodles, cooked
Basil seeds (takmaria ou sabja)

Soak the seeds in water for at least 15 min. Place the syrup and two scoops of ice cream on the botton of a tall glass. Make one layer of noodles and another of soaked seeds. Top it off with milk and finish with more syrup, noodles an seeds on top.

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