Friday, February 2, 2007

White & Blue


On February 2nd, in Salvador, Bahia, people celebrate the day of Yemanjá. Fishermen believe that by offering gifts to the Queen of the Sea, they will have good luck in return. Coincidentally, on Fridays, many people wear white clothes for good fortune, like on New Year's eve. On Feb. 2nd, though, some choose to wear blue, the color of the Mother of the Sea. On Fridays, Catholics eat seafood and white rice also.

In many cultures offering food is a way to thank, to share good fortune and abundance. Indian people believe that by offering food they are sharing their best. If I remember correctly, once a year, in São Paulo, Brazil, Italians give away pasta and sweets around their neighborhood. Their Japanese counterparts prepare a rice cake called moti, given away and eaten on New Year's. Thinking about all these things I got my inspiration for today's post. White, rice, as a symbol of abundance, purity and offering. Nothing better to illustrate it than the beautiful, elegant and sophisticated Basmati rice.

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